Once, the classic theory of engagement rings was to have a diamond of best possible 4Cs – clarity, colour, cut and carat. But, for some of us, this traditional diamond setting would not reflect our true personality. Modern brides take courage to listen to their heart and soul and choose an engagement ring that is as unique as they are.

When it comes to choosing a unique engagement ring that you will wear forever, any woman of modernity would set their eyes on Salt & Pepper diamonds. They are a one-of-a-kind alternative to the traditional flawless diamond. Salt & Pepper diamond is still a diamond but comes with imperfections, inclusions and flaws which make it a distinctive choice for an engagement ring.

If you are looking for an engagement ring that is off the beaten path, scroll down to see 5 engagement ring looks with Salt & Pepper diamonds.

Round Salt & Pepper diamond ring in rose gold



With a perfect balance of four small white brilliant cut diamonds and a Salt & Pepper centre diamond, anyone can fall in love with this simple design instantly.


This modern solitaire ring featuring a rose cut grey Salt & Pepper diamond is perfect for anyone looking for a unique engagement ring. The hexagonal stone is bezel set into a rose gold sleek band.

Solitaire Salt & Pepper diamond rose gold engagement ring
salt and pepper diamond engagement ring
Black rose cut diamond engagement ring


Unique and beautiful, this look will make you feel like a princess.


With a classic look, this beautiful ring is everyone’s favourite.

salt and pepper diamond ring
Salt & pepper rose cut diamond ring
Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring


This cluster of Salt & Pepper diamonds is just stunning. It certainly evokes a mysterious romantic feeling.