Diorah Jewellers is an independent online jewellery store specialised in hand made jewellery. I (Nish Ekanayake) established Diorah Jewellers in 2016 after receiving huge encouragement from selling my work on Etsy (an online platform for handmade items). With countless experience over 10 years in luxury bespoke jewellery industry as a goldsmith and diamond setter, I decided to work on my own brand – Diorah Jewellers. All work – from sourcing materials to making your piece of jewellery- is entirely done by me. Of course this represents a lot of work but I love to make beautiful jewellery.

At Diorah Jewellers, we provide a wide range of jewellery- wedding/engagement, statement jewellery, gifts or something unique to treat yourself- to celebrate every special occasion in your life. You can choose a piece of jewellery browsing through a collection of designs ranging from classic to contemporary. Through our bespoke service, we help you make your dream jewellery.

Do you have a shop/showroom where I can try your jewellery?

We do not have a shop/showroom, but you can come and visit me in person to try our jewellery or discuss about a special bespoke commission. Meetings can be arranged in a convenient location around London.

What is handmade jewellery?

Handmade jewellery is defined as jewellery that has been formed and assembled solely by hand without use of machines. Each piece is shaped, carved, sawed and soldered by hand. It is an form of art which is completely different to mass produced jewellery or cast (machine made) pieces of jewellery.

It takes an incredible amount of time to produce a single piece of handmade jewellery. During this time, the maker has an intimate relationship with the jewellery piece.

Why is handmade jewellery so special?

It is not a secret that the world’s finest jewellery is handmade. The time, energy, effort, passion, love and attention, an artisan put into a single piece of jewellery make a handmade jewellery more special.

There are many other good things about handmade jewellery. It is unique in the sense that the same piece is not usually repeated. If you think of making a jewellery using a casting machine or a mould, the same piece of jewellery can be made over and over again (in bulk quantities) in a short period of time.

An artisan who makes jewellery by hand can change the design according to the client’s requirements. This is not usually possible with bulk produced machine jewellery which always has the same dimensions.

Handmade jewellery produced to the highest quality standards can last for many generations. It can undergo many alterations (resizing etc.) due to the high quality of materials.

Last but not least, handmade jewellery is a sustainable product. The independent artisans are dedicated to use ethically sourced materials in a small workplace without machines. Thus, the lowest impact on our planet.

Do you make jewellery entirely by hand?

Yes, I make jewellery entirely by hand. This is what makes Diorah Jewellers different to many other jewellery sellers.

Who is involved in making your jewellery?

It is only me. I do take on all the tasks from sourcing materials to finishing a piece of jewellery